The vines and wines under the bright sunshine of Tuscany/托斯卡纳艳阳孕育的葡萄与葡萄美酒

Xiao(杜小雯)& Jing (王景)

English (英文)


Tuscany (57 k ha – 4th)

11 DOCGs:

Chianti DOCG;

Chianti Classico DOCG;

Chianti Classico Reserva DOCG;

Brunello di Montalcino DOCG;

Rosso di Montalcino DOC

Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG;

Rosso di Montepulciano DOC

Vernaccia di San Gimignano DOCG

63% DOP, 25% IGT, 12% others;

13% white; 87% red/pink

3 parts:

1. north: mountainous ⛰ Chianti region

2. south: foothills & valleys

3. flat coastal plain

Sangiovese (most planted in Tuscany & Italy – 63%, 71.5 k ha; 10% Italy): m intensity ruby color, orange hues (rich in malvin & cyanin, no acylated anthocyanins), hi AL & TA; buds early and ripens late, needs warm climate; m-f bodied; Aromas of red 🍒, plums and dried herbs; usually a period time in oak (small barrels & large casks) ➜ softern TA, + spicy flavours; bottle age ➜ meaty & gamey 102 clones; 2 biotypes: S. Grosso & S. Piccolo

Trebbiano Toscano – 5% planting 23 k ha (Ugni Blanc in 🇫🇷): in blend for “Vin Santo”. late budding, ❎ vulnerable to Spring Frost; ripens well in ☀️ & heat, retain high AC, neutral flavours: m (-) 🍋, herbal; prone to downy mildew & eutypa dieback, otherwise good disease resistence; 

Canaiolo Nero (blending partner of Sangiovese): red berry fruit, floral notes & light TA


An effortless trip with the ears, let’s go now!

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B. Sc. Viticulture & Enology; Vinifera EuroMaster M.Sc. Viticulture, Enology & Wine Marketing; IWA; WSET Diploma Holder 🔛 ------------------------------- 👣 WSET Diploma candidate, lifelong wine education continues; 👣 VIA (Vinitaly International Academy) certified Italian Wine Ambassador; 👣 3.5 + years work experience in marketing & promotion for 🇮🇹🍷, with a specialty of Wine Social Media Advertising; 👣 6 years of academic training in Viticulture, Enology and Wine Marketing at top-tier universities both in China 🇨🇳 and Europe (🇫🇷 & 🇮🇹); 👣 2 harvest as a trainee winemaker in Bordeaux, France 🇫🇷 (2014) and Sonoma Coast, USA 🇺🇸(2016); 👣 many wine exhibition experiences as an exhibitor, promoter, and interpreter

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