Wine in times gone by; the cheesiest commercials / 时光流逝、最“俗”的葡萄酒广告花落谁家?

Author/作者: Isabell

Chinese Translator/中文母语翻译: 杜小雯 (Xiao)

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English – 英文原声 – Isabell (伊莎)

Chinese – 中文原声 – 杜小雯 (Xiao)

Wine has been enjoyed, bought and sold for a very long time but in the age of television, the marketing of wine changed; enter the commercial. While more modern advertisements about wine are a lot more tasteful and fewer in between due to cultural norms and legal restrictions, there is no beating the commercials of the past. Watching them now will certainly bring a smile to your face and they are a window into another time. Here are three of the most terrible wine ads we could find; terrible because they will make you cringe…but in a good way!

葡萄酒已经被享用、交易买卖了很长的一段时间。然而、在电视时代,葡萄酒营销发生了变化;进入现代化广告时期。尽管由于文化规范和法律限制,现代的葡萄酒广告更有品味,更少介于两者之间,但没有什么能打败过去的广告。现在看它们肯定会给你的嘴角添上笑容,它们是通向另一个时代的一扇窗户。以下是我们能找到的三个最“俗气”的广告: 太可怕了,因为它们会让你感觉有些难堪……然而是以一种幽默的方式!

  1. Wild Boon Wine by K-tel and this is a 1960’s “Boones Farm Wild Mountain Grape Wine” commercial from the US. This one will definitely make you wonder who came up with this idea.

这是20世纪60年代的 “Boones农场野生山葡萄酒”,一个美国的广告。这个肯定会让你怀疑到底是谁想出了这个主意?!?

An old time saloon / 旧时小酒馆

English / 英文原文: 

Narrater: Grandpa Boone came to town last night, he could hardly talk he was so excited. He said he made a brand new wine. 

Old Man: “Boones Farm Wild Mountain, with that untamed wild mountain taste”

Narrater: Then a mountain man pushed through the crowd

Mountain Man: “i’ll try that wine”, he hollered loud

“And it better be good – All’s I know, I’m a mountain man”

Narrater:There wasn’t a word as he drank the wine

Then his face lit up like bright sunshine

He loved it so, that Boones Farm Wild Mountain

Mountain Man: “My new wine with that untamed wild mountain taste”

Random Voice: “Grandpa that’s great, you all go buy some new Boones Farm Wild Mountain Wine”!

Chinese / 中文翻译:

旁白: Boone爷爷昨晚来到镇上,他激动地几乎说不出话来。他说他酿造了一种全新的葡萄酒。

Boone爷爷: “Boones农场野生山葡萄酒,带着野性的野山味道”

旁白: 然后一个山人挤过人群

山人: “我要尝尝那酒”,他大声喊道,


旁白: 他喝着酒,一言不发。随后、他的脸像明亮的阳光一般亮了起来。他非常喜欢Boones农场的野生山葡萄酒。

山人: “这就是我的新酒!带着野性的山野味道。”

随机声音: “爷爷,太好了,你们都去买些Boones农场野生山葡萄酒的新品吧”!

2) Lancers Wine Commercial, from 1970…this one is definitely cringe-worthy, but I cannot stop watching…how did this happen!!


English / 英文原文:

Woman: Wow

Man 1: Here’s to you my dear. How long has it been? 14 years…I still love you

Man 2: It’s nice to have a bargain

Narrator: Lancers Imported Rose, for the good life!

Chinese / 中文翻译:

女主: 哇!(享受的声音)

男1: 为你干杯,亲爱的。已经多久了?14年了…我依旧爱你如初。

男2: 物美价廉才是真的好。

旁白: Lancers进口玫瑰红葡萄酒,致美好的生活!

3) Mateus Rose, 1971.  The narrator of this ad starts off sounding like a real rico suave, waffling on about native cheeses and medieval cobblestones, and then he just goes in for the kill with that “Bring it on home” line. Oh my, thank the stars fashion and taste in commercials have changed… this one is awful… good wine though!

Mateus玫瑰红葡萄酒,1971年。这个广告的叙述者开始听起来像一个真正的rico suave (葡萄牙语:浓郁丝滑),在当地奶酪和中世纪的鹅卵石上喋喋不休,然后他就用这句经典的 “把它带回家” 作为“杀手锏”。哦,天哪,感谢明星们,广告中的时尚和品味都变了…这一个足够俗气了…尽管是酒还不错!

Portugal / 葡萄牙

English / 英文原文:

Narrator: Run away from home tonight with Mateus. The Rose wine that’s like a trip to Portugal. Portugal, climb the cobbled streets of yesterday and … lunch in the shade of medieval walls on native cheese and wine. Mateus Rose.

Music: hey hey hey Mateus Rose……..

Narrator: Bring it on home.

Chinese / 中文翻译:

旁白: 今晚和Mateus玫瑰红葡萄酒一起离家出走。可以带你去葡萄牙旅行的玫瑰红葡萄酒。葡萄牙,昨天爬上了鹅卵石街道,在中世纪城墙的光影下用本地奶酪和葡萄酒搭配享用午餐。Mateus玫瑰红葡萄酒。

音乐: 嘿嘿嘿Mateus玫瑰红葡萄酒……..

旁白: 把它带回家。

And I am sure we could find plenty more…here is one more by Mateus Rose from 1986…just in case you needed one more! As we have shown, there is no shortage of cheesy commercials… but at least now we have reminded you they existed… they still exist…out there somewhere, ready to be discovered and enjoyed once again… maybe with a glass of wine!


A street in Portugal / 葡萄牙的街道

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