什么是女人最美的样子? Where is real beauty found?

Author/作者: 杜小雯 (Xiao)

English Editor/英文母语编辑: Isabell  (伊莎)

Chinese – 中文原声 – 杜小雯 (Xiao)

English – 英文原声 – Isabell (伊莎)

Carole Bouquet在她的葡萄园 / Carole Bouquet in her Vineyard


A beauty in front of the camera came to Sicily to become a winery owner. Good looks will eventually fade, but immortal beauty is found in chasing a dream, one’s love, planting one’s foundation in ones own soil, adding value to the world with the sweat of hard work.

来自潘泰莱里亚Sangue D’oro的甜酒 / Passito di Pantelleria from Sangue D’oro

Carole Bouquet, 从1977年出道以来,这位法国女演员和模特的音容笑貌和身影出现在60多部影视作品中。1981年,在争芳斗艳的各国美女中被选中为《007之最高机密》中的“邦女郎”。姣好的容颜、健美的身材、明明靠颜值吃饭的女星决定来到意大利南部西西里岛开始从零开始耕种葡萄园。酒庄的名字是Sangue d’oro,意大利语的意思是金色的血、源于西西里的近乎金色的明艳阳光。Carole Bouquet,成为了一个来自西西里大区(Sicilia)特拉帕尼省(Trapani)潘泰莱里亚(Pantelleria)的酒庄庄主。潘泰莱里亚(Pantelleria)是地中海西西里海峡中的一个岛屿。

Carole Bouquet, a French actress and model, since her debut in 1977, has appeared in more than 60 movies and TV shows. In 1981, she was chosen as a “bond girl” in the 007 film, “Top Secret”, singled out as one of the top beauties from around the world. Her appearance, sexy figure and great acting skills put her in the position to be able to live the good life, but instead she decided to come to Sicily, in southern Italy and start planting vineyards from scratch. The name of the winery is Sangue d’oro, which means “golden blood” in Italian, originated from the almost golden bright Sicilian sunshine. Carole Bouquet hence became a proud winery owner in Pantelleria, in the province of Trapani in Sicilia.  Pantelleria is an island in the Mediterranean Strait of Sicily.

Carole Bouquet饰“邦女郎” / The “bond” girl Carole Bouquet


The bright sun in Sicily is like a dream for many people.  How about building vineyards and crafting wines here? It sounds very poetic, doesn’t it? It is easy to imagine yet extremely difficult to implement. However, the call of the land brought this actress to this barren place to establish vineyards. This woman who’s smile will make you feel that you can do no wrong, and at the same time, she would make a wine that can make you feel that the world is a better place. The golden sun covered this woman who already had the golden aura of a heroine, but once all was said and done, all the hardships of farming vanished after she tasted a glass of her Sangue d’oro sweet wine.

在西西里的艳阳下 / Under the Golden Sicilian Sunshine (Photo Credit: https://www.lucianopignataro.it)

开辟葡萄园不是件简单的工作。许多葡萄酒人都有着开酒庄的人生终极梦想。而到最后真正能实现的人少之又少。因为这需要非常大的资金和精力的投入,极大的勇气。你也许会质疑:影后有资本呀。现代人连洗手做羹汤都视为一种辛勤工作。更别提卸甲归田、农业不是一个娇气和靠脸吃饭的行业。口腹之欲、是最真的真爱。 每一餐、每一酌都是会让自己感觉更踏实、更幸福的事情。影后回归田园,本身就是“艰辛过后才能收获到格外幸福”的证明。

Establishing vineyards is not a simple job. Many winemakers have the ultimate dream of opening a winery. In the end, few people can actually makes this dream come true. It takes a lot of capital as well as devotion, plenty of experience and courage. You may say: the movie queen has capital, it’s easier for her. But consider that some modern people consider making their own meal hard work; therefore, returning to a field day after day to take on hard labor seems unthinkable. It is true, agriculture is not an easy business to be in, nonetheless, this movie queen returned to the countryside to take on her goal, proving that extraordinary happiness can be obtained after hard work.

潘泰莱里亚 / Pantelleria (Photo by Ante Hamersmit on Unsplash)


The call from the land can be very enticing especially as we are now mostly working from home these days, chained to a computer by an invisible chain. I just went to the farm next to my home and took a walk through it. Walking in the countryside, there is a true feeling of connection with the earth, every step brings a sense of happiness.  Nature gives us life and vitality, strength and courage, and gives us all primitive but true wisdom. This is the call of the vineyard.  I often think about what I want to achieve in my life. When I die, I want to leave something to the world, a legacy.  A winemaker is a profession that can bring moments of happiness to oneself as well as to the world.  And one day, I will return to my faith and become a winemaker.

Carole在潘泰莱里亚 / Carole in Pantelleria (Photo Credit: https://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/food/bond-girl-likes-it-haute)

你永远比自己想象的还要优秀,追逐自己挚爱事业的女人最美丽。这个世界充满着机遇和可能性。当羽翼渐丰的羲和葡萄酒传媒拥有更多可以向酒庄提供的服务、我们就会越来越有吸引力。生意也会自然而然蒸蒸日上。今年2月,Carole宣布Donato Lanati成为酒庄的新任酿酒师。让我们拭目以待Sangue d’oro的甜美琼浆,也期待羲和的明天比今天更坚定、更优秀!

You are always better than you think, the women who pursue their career with a full heart are the most beautiful ones. The world is full of opportunities and possibilities.  When this fledgling company of ours, Helios Wine Media, has more services to offer wineries, we will become attractive. Business will prosper naturally with consistent work.

Carole和正在晒干中的葡萄 / Carole and the drying grapes

In February this year, Carole announced Donato Lanati as the new winemaker of her winery. Let’s wait and see how this winery progresses as we hold out to taste the delicious sweet nectar of Sangue d’oro!

Carole和她新任酿酒师合影 / Carole and her new winemaker: Donato Lanati

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