Sassicaia, the rolling stones of wine 西施佳雅,葡萄酒中的滚石乐队

Author/作者: Isabell  (伊莎)

Chinese Translator/中文母语翻译: 杜小雯 (Xiao)

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英文原声 – English by Isabell (伊莎)

中文原声 – Chinese by 杜小雯 (Xiao)

Some great expressions of Sassicaia wine / 几款有代表性的西施佳雅葡萄酒

Sassicaia has been hailed as one of the best wines in the world; not only does the brand successfully sell, it is also associated with the upper echelons of class and style. This Bordeaux inspired wine out of the Tenuta San Guido Estate in Tuscany has been producing wine commercially since 1968. Its instant popularity spurned a movement of producers who also wanted a piece of the “Super Tuscan” pie; following suit by releasing their own expressions from about 1970. The special blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc captured people’s hearts because the wine has a Bordeaux style elegance with soft tannins. It also ages very well; when all these factors are considered in unison, you have a winning combination – it’s no wonder the 2015 Sassicaia vintage was the second most-traded fine wine on the secondary market in 2018.

西施佳雅被誉为世界上最好的葡萄酒之一;该品牌不仅成功销售,还与上层社会和风格联系在一起。这款源自托斯卡纳区Tenuta San Guido庄园的波尔多风格的葡萄酒自1968年起就开始商业化生产。它的迅速流行激起了葡萄酒生产商的运动,他们也想从“超级托斯卡纳”分一杯羹。从1970年开始,他们也相继发表了自己的言论。赤霞珠和品丽珠的特殊混酿俘获人心,因为这款酒具有波尔多风格的优雅和柔软的单宁。它也适宜陈年;当所有这些因素综合考虑时,你就有了一个成功的组合——难怪2015年份的西施佳雅葡萄酒是2018年二级市场上交易量第二大的优质葡萄酒。

Mario Incisa della Rocchetta with the Duke of Edinburgh / Mario Incisa della Rocchetta 和 Duke of Edinburgh

Today the winery is run by Marchese Nicoló Incisa della Rocchetta, son of Sassicaia’s founder Mario Incisa della Rocchetta; the winery has received a lot of attention over the years, and great wine critics such as Jancis Robinson, Robert Parker, Tim Jackson, Julia Harding, and others have spent a great deal of time tasting and rating the best Sassicaia’s to help wine experts and aficionados add value to their collections; wine is a serious investment that can become quite lucrative. With this in mind, the following list was generated and published by vinfolio, it is a great tool to keep in mind when searching for a Sassicaia. 

如今,酒庄由Marchese Nicoló Incisa della Rocchetta经营,他是西施佳雅创始人Mario Incisa della Rocchetta的儿子;酒庄多年来备受关注,杰西丝·罗宾逊、罗伯特·帕克、 Tim Jackson MW、Julia Harding MW等伟大的葡萄酒评论家花了大量时间品尝和评价最好的西施佳雅葡萄酒,以帮助葡萄酒专家和爱好者为他们的收藏增加价值;葡萄酒是一项严肃的投资,可以变得相当有利可图。有鉴于此,vinfolio生成并发布了以下列表,这是搜罗Sassicaia时需要牢记的一个很好的工具。

  • ï2009 (17.5 points): Jackson says it has “notably grainier, firmer tannins than the 2016–a bigger and more robust wine.” Drink now through 2026.
  • ï2009年(17.5分): Jackson说它“明显比2016年的单宁更粗糙、更坚实——是一种更大、更强劲的葡萄酒。”从现在起至2026年前适宜饮用。
  • ï2007 (18 points): “So delicate. Fresh and really rather elegant. A very sophisticated wine.” Drink now through 2028.
  • ï2007年(18分): “太微妙了。新鲜而异常优雅。一款非常精致的葡萄酒。”从现在起至2028年前适宜饮用。
  • ï2006 (17+ points): “Hotter year than 2007. . . Strongly ripe Cabernet Sauvignon on the nose.” Drink now through 2027.
  • ï2006年(17点以上): “比2007年更热的一年。。。香气浓郁的赤霞珠。”从现在起至2027年前适宜饮用。
  • ï2004 (18 points): “Very gentle palate entry and nicely melded.” Drink now through 2025.
  • ï2004年(18分): “入口非常柔和,完美融合。” 从现在起至2025年前适宜饮用。
  • ï2003 (17.5 points): Master of Wine Julia Harding says it is “more herbal and perfumed and open than the 2006.” Drink now.
  • ï2003年(17.5分): Julia Harding MW 说,它“比2006年更具草药、香氛和开放的香气” 一款要尽快饮用的葡萄酒。
Nicolo Incisa della Rocchetta walking in the vineyards / Nicolo Incisa della Rocchetta行走于葡萄园中

The “Sassi” in Sassicaia means “stones” in Italian, the whole name loosely translates to “stoney field” and the reason this is significant is because the ground on which the vines grow are stoney, just as in the Bordeaux producing region of France. Tenuta San Guido, the winery responsible for producing Sassicaia is located on the Tuscan coast, in Maremma, below Livorno in Italy. This region, Bolgheri got its own DOC status in 1983 but in 2013, Sassicaia was awarded its very own, the DOC Bolgheri Sassicaia. 

西施佳雅(Sassicaia)的“Sassi”在意大利语中是“石头”的意思,整个名字松散地翻译成“石头地”。这很重要的原因是因为葡萄藤生长的地面是石头的,就像法国波尔多产区一样。Tenuta San Guido,酿造西施佳雅的酒庄,位于意大利Livorno下方托斯卡纳的马雷玛海岸。Bolgheri产区,在1983年获得了自己的原产地命名。然而,在2013年,西施佳雅被授予了专属自己的DOC命名: Bolgheri Sassicaia DOC。

The Tenuta San Guido Winery / Tenuta San Guido 酒庄

The brainchild behind Sassicaia was Mario Incisa della Rocchetta, a man from Piemonte in Italy’s northern region. During WW1 he fought in the war in the Cavalry. Thereafter, having enrolled in the faculty Agriculture in Pisa, he embarked on his new life with his horse. The equine community in Pisa eventually led him to his future bride and in 1930 he married Clarice della Gherardesca. After WWII the couple moved to Bolgheri, they had inherited Clarice’s father’s home, and it was in disrepair. Still the devoted agronomist, Mario went about planting and growing fruit, vegetables and flowers. 

西施佳雅背后的大脑是Mario Incisa della Rocchetta,一个来自意大利北部的皮埃蒙特人。在第一次世界大战期间,他参加了骑兵队的战争。此后,在比萨农业学院注册后,他带着他的马开始了新生活。比萨的马社区最终将他引向了他未来的新娘,并于1930年与Clarice della Gherardesca结婚。二战后,这对夫妇搬到Bolgheri,他们继承了Clarice父亲年久失修的房子。 Mario仍然是一位忠诚的农学家,他开始种植水果、蔬菜和花卉。

Caricature of the “Birth of Botticelli” after one of Mario Incisa della Rocchetta won Gold at Ascot in 1955 / 1955年马里奥·门牙·德拉·罗彻塔在阿斯科特赢得金牌后,漫画“波提切利诞生”

Since Mario was a wine lover, especially those from the Bordeaux region, it was only natural that he ended up trying his hand in growing grapes. Wine was already being produced in this region using the local Sangiovese grapes, mostly down in the drained marshlands by the sea, but Mario felt it was not good enough, after all, he wanted a wine he could toast with and be proud of; he was still very much involved in the thoroughbred community and his steeds needed a good victory toast every time they won a prize.  After a visit to the Mouton Rothschild winery in Bordeaux, he spent several years experimenting with terrains, methods and blends, eventually planting his first vines in the hills of Castiglioncello di Bolgheri, at 400m above sea level, facing east and 15km away from the sandy soils by the Tyrrhenian sea. Eventually Giacomo Tachis came to his aid, oenologist to his cousins the Antinori’s.  Tachis has been named one of the most renowned oenologist to have ever walked the earth, and together with Mario Incisa della Rocchetta, they took on the world of international wine. 

由于Mario是一个葡萄酒爱好者,尤其是来自波尔多产区葡萄酒的忠诚粉丝,他最终尝试种植葡萄是很自然而然的。这个地区已经开始用当地的桑娇维塞葡萄生产葡萄酒,大部分产自海边干涸的沼泽地,但Mario觉得这还不够好,毕竟,他想要一种可以一起举杯庆祝并引以为豪的葡萄酒;他仍然非常积极地参与纯种马的社区,每当他的骏马赢得一个奖项,他的骏马就需要一个胜利的举杯欢庆。参观了波尔多的木桐罗斯柴尔德酿酒厂后,他花了几年时间试验地形、方法和混酿方法,最终在海拔400米的Castiglioncello di Bolgheri山坡上种植了他的第一批葡萄树,面朝东,距离第勒尼安海旁的沙土15公里。最终,Giacomo Tachis来帮助他,他的堂兄弟Antinori家族酒庄的酿酒师。Tachis被命名为世界上最著名的酿酒师之一,他们与Mario Incisa della Rocchetta一起开创了国际葡萄酒的世界。

Map of the area where Incisa della Rocchetta established his empire / Incisa della Rocchetta建立帝国的地区地图

In 1972, Decanter Magazine held a blind tasting competition for ‘Great Clarets’ and Sassicaia beat 33 wines from 11 countries, winning its first international award. In 1985, Sassicaia was awarded 100 points from Robert Parker. The famous critic told his audience that the 85% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Cabernet Franc reminded him of a 1986 Mouton Rothschild, of all wines. 

1972年,《品醇客》杂志举办了一场“Great Clarets”盲品大赛,西施佳雅击败了来自11个国家的33款葡萄酒,赢得了第一个国际奖项。1985年,罗伯特·帕克授予西施佳雅100分的满分。这位著名的酒评家告诉他的观众,85%的赤霞珠,15%的品丽珠让他想起了1986年的木桐罗斯柴尔德,从他所有品尝过的葡萄酒中。

The Sassicaia 1968 Vintage / 1968年份的西施佳雅

All photographs used in this blog entry have been taken from @SassicaiaWinery on Facebook and Instagram. / 这篇博客文章中使用的所有照片全部取自酒庄官方Facebook和Instagram:@ SassicaiaWinery

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