The Toscani of Tuscany and their picture perfect wine 托斯卡纳的托斯卡尼和他们极其上镜的葡萄酒

Author/作者: Isabell  (伊莎)

Chinese Translator/中文母语翻译: 杜小雯 (Xiao)

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英文原声 – English by Isabell (伊莎)

中文原声 – Chinese by 杜小雯 (Xiao)

The vines of OT in Tuscany

Oliviero Toscani Winery is located just outside of Pisa, Italy, in Bolgheri; the heart of Tuscany’s wine region. They create some of the most down to earth and drinkable wines in Italy. This family has a very unusual story however, they are not viticulturists like so many of the wineries in Italy, they are photographers.

奥利维耶罗·托斯卡尼(Oliviero Toscani)酒庄位于意大利比萨城市郊外的宝格丽;托斯卡纳葡萄酒产区的中心。他们创造了一些意大利最地道、最易饮的葡萄酒。这个家庭有一个非常不寻常的故事。与意大利许多葡萄酒庄是栽培和酿造世家不同,他们是摄影世家。  

Olives oil and olive Trees (photo instagram: vinotoscani)   / 橄榄油和橄榄树

Oliviero Toscani’s father Fedele was a renound photographer for the Corriere della Sera; he set up Italy’s first photo agency, Rotofoto, whose logo makes up Toscani’s best known wine, iToscani. However, it was his son Oliviero who reached new heights by working for Elle, Vogue and Harpers Bazaar; he really shot to fame when he took over the United Colors of Benetton campaigns, causing waves and breaking new ground in his field. 

Oliviero Toscani的父亲Fedele是《意大利晚邮报》(Corriere della Sera)的著名摄影师;他建立了意大利第一家摄影代理机构——Rotofoto,其品牌logo是托斯卡尼酒庄最著名的葡萄酒——iToscani。然而,是他的儿子 Oliviero通过为Elle、Vogue和Harpers Bazaar工作达到了新的高度;当他接手贝纳通公司联合色彩(United Colors of Benetton)的品牌宣传活动时,他真正的一举成名。在他的领域引起了轰动,开辟出了新天地。 

Rocco and father, Olivieri Toscani (photo instagram: vinotoscani) / Rocco 和他的父亲奥利维耶罗·托斯卡尼

In the 1970’s he purchased a beautiful property in the hills of Casale Marittimo, in Tuscany. There he began to raise award winning horses, Angus heifers, Cinta Senese pigs; he got to work producing olive oil’s made from Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoio, Pendolino, and Maurino varieties; he also began cultivating vines in the 1980’s – having consulted a family friend; Angelo Gaia, the man behind Gaia Wines. With his help, Oliviero began to create his masterpiece. The vines grown in the vineyard are mainly Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Teroldego, Petit Manseng and Greco. He produced his first signature wine in 2003, the “Oliviero Toscani” wine. This label has won several awards and the winery has since produced other excellent wines. 

20世纪70年代,他在托斯卡纳的Casale Marittimo山坡上购买了一处美丽的房产。在那里,他开始饲养屡获奖项的马,安格斯小母牛,Cinta Senese的猪;他开始生产由Leccino、Moraiolo、Frantoio、Pendolino和Maurino品种制作的橄榄油;他还在20世纪80年代开始种植葡萄树——咨询了一位家族的友人:Angelo Gaia,意大利最为顶尖也最为传奇的酒庄之一嘉雅酒庄背后的人。在他的帮助下,Oliviero开始创作他的杰作。葡萄园种植的葡萄主要有西拉(Syrah)、品丽珠(Cabernet Franc)、小维多(Petit Verdot)、特伦蒂诺(Teroldego)、小满胜(Petit Manseng)和格雷克(Greco)。他在2003年生产了他的第一款标志性葡萄酒——“Oliviero Toscani”。这款葡萄酒赢得了几个奖项,此后该酒庄生产了其他优秀的葡萄酒。 

oliviero toscani, one of their signature wines by Oliviero Toscani  (photo instagram: vinotoscani) / 奥利韦罗托斯卡尼,奥利韦罗托斯卡尼的标志性葡萄酒

As previously mentioned, photography runs in this family’s blood, in fact, not only did Oliviero follow in his father’s footsteps, but, so did his sisters as well as his son Rocco and daughter Lola – even Oliviero’s wife works in fashion. But Rocco, Oliviero’s son grew tired of photography and decided to break with tradition. He wanted to pursue his real passion; making wine. So, he threw himself into the process of becoming a full-fledged wine producer, adopting his father’s motto: “Our wine, like our lives, is the image of past, present and future, filled with enthusiasm, passion, imagination, emotion, success and beauty.”

如上所述,摄影是这个家族的血脉。事实上,Oliviero不仅继承了他父亲的衣钵(俗称“饭碗”)。他的姐妹们也从事了摄影这个职业、同样还有他的儿子Rocco和女儿Lola——甚至Oliviero的妻子也从事时尚行业。但是他的儿子Rocco厌倦了摄影,决定打破传统。他想追求他真正有激情的事业:酿酒。因此,他全身心投身于酿酒。在成为一名成熟的葡萄酒生产商的过程中,他采纳了父亲的座右铭: “我们的葡萄酒和我们的生活一样,是过去、现在和未来的影像。充满热情、激情、想象、情感、成功和美丽。” 

The OT vineyards in Tuscany,  (photo instagram: vinotoscani) / 在托斯卡纳的OT葡萄园

The terroir is a dream, located on the Tuscan coast, with an altitude of 220 to 320 meters above sea level, the orientation and exposure are to the South-West. They have two vineyards that make up a total of 12 ha, the Monteromboli vineyard is 9 ha and the Olmaia vineyard, with 3 ha. The climate is typically Mediterranean with warm and dry summers followed by rainy autumns, and the soil is iron rich, a generous red soil of medium texture. 


The bottle of Lumeo (right) and one of Rocco’s pigeons (left)!  (photo instagram: vinotoscani) / Lumeo 酒瓶(右)和Rocco的信鸽之一(右)

One of the most interesting wines to come out of this winery is “Lumeo” 2015. This is an intense red wine made from Syrah grapes. Vinified in amphorae, and aged for about 12 months. On the nose one can make out cherries, wild berries, balsamic notes, as well as roots and the taste is energetic, fresh and persistent. There is also a sentimental quality to this vintage. Rocco came up with the name “Lumeo” by melding the names of his two children, Luce and Romeo; on the other hand, the image of the pigeon on the label, that stems from his love of raising carrier pigeons, his hobby! 

这家酒庄生产的最有趣的葡萄酒之一是2015年份的“Lumeo”。这是一种由西拉葡萄制成的烈性红葡萄酒。在双耳瓶中陈酿大约12个月。气味你可以分辨出樱桃、野生浆果、意大利香醋(Aceto Balsamico)以及树根的味道。味道充满活力、新鲜且持久。这款葡萄酒还有一番多愁善感的寓意。Rocco把他的两个孩子卢斯(Luce)和罗密欧(Romeo)的名字融合在一起,想出了“Lumeo”这个名字;另一方面,鸽子源于他对饲养信鸽的热爱,他的爱好!  

Harvest time, The vines of OT in Tuscany – (photo instagram: vinotoscani) / 采收时节,来自托斯卡纳OT酒庄的葡萄

This fascinating family is at the very start of their wine-growing journey, relatively speaking in comparison to many of the older wineries in Italy, but the Toscani’s seem to be ahead of the pack, in quality and style and we will be keeping a close watch to see what they do next! 



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